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Smart Programmatic Advertising

Empowering video advertisers to

connect with highly engaged LATAM users

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  Video Meets True Automation  

YO Project is a technology-based video advertising partner focused on driving the best quality traffic for advertisers on CPM model. We develop a proprietary RTB automation technology that leverages various KPI’s matching the right supply to the right campaigns at any given moment.
Covering 100+ Geos
100+ Direct Publishers
Access to 200M Users
Connected to 13 DSPs
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Find out why Video Advertisers
choose ROO for their campaigns.

Customer Success Experts_01 (1).png
Customer Success Experts
As an external partner that feels like an internal team, our ad-ops experts, veterans in this industry, are here to provide you with fast responses, optimization feedback, industry insights and best practices that will boost your video marketing and reach the right users.
MRC Quality_01 copy.png
MRC Quality
Our proprietary technology is monitoring our marketplace using various MRC accredited tools, making sure each advertiser’s KPI is met. Human NOC  is available 24/7 and is keeping an eye on all metrics, making sure each of the campaigns are safe.
Multiple Sources. Multiple formats_01 (1
Multiple Sources. Multiple formats.
Multiple sources - By becoming an advertiser with YO Project, publishers gain access to direct and unique inventory at scale and high view ability, sent from our cutting-edge ad formats. Our supply includes Desktop, Mobile web, In-App or CTV placements, all above the fold and highly viewable.
Ads.txt_01 (1).png
Our partnerships with Tier 1 and Tier 2 publishers and app developers, allows us to provide you with clean viewable traffic at scale, fully supported Ads.txt and app-ads.txt initiative and according to the IAB guidelines.
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How Video advertisers
benefit from ROO Technology

Machine Learning based RTB Engine_01 (1)
Machine Learning based RTB Engine

ROO Brain - Leveraging its reach to 10 DSP’s , 4 different SDK’s and hundreds of direct to page programmatic integrations, YO optimization engine intelligently slices and dices audiences, forecasting those that yield best performance goals. Our machine learning based optimization engine makes probabilistic probable/anticipated connections to match the most relevant supply channels for our video advertisers based on demographics, geo-location, and various other metrics to maximize your ROI.

Quality Assurance_01 (1).png

Quality Assurance

ROO Sheild - Quality and transparency are being monitored by our quality engine, while it closely inspects every transaction with our proprietary quality assurance suite, eliminating fraud and compliance issues. The quality engine optimizes for budgets and run rates, helps stop loss and minimizes human errors. A team of skilled Dev-Ops provides a 24/7 NOC service for our top clients.


Find out how Video Publishers
utilize YO Project for increasing revenues

Incremental Revenue Stream_01 (1).png
Incremental Revenue Stream
Private exclusive deals - YO Private Marketplace alongside our open market programmatic deals, provides the highest paying video campaigns, by employing various optimizations algorithms throughout our proprietary technology.
Get paid fast_01 (1).png
Get paid fast
Through our relationships with a number of factoring facilities we offer payments in NET/ Net 15 / Net 30 terms.
Multiple ad units_01 (1).png
Multiple ad units
Fast and light integrated video ad formats, with a fully transparent dashboard for Out-stream and In-stream ad units, with libraries of available content.
Easy Integrations_01 (1).png
Easy Integrations
Easy integrations – JavaScript tags, VAST tags, header bidding or multi-channel solutions.
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MWC, Barcelona
Feb 25-28/2019
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March 12-14/2019
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Feb 26-27 / 2020
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